The Harley Davidson Groom's Cake

A close childhood friend asked me to make a very special groom's cake for her husband to be. After discussing his likes and dislikes and hobbies, we decided that this avid motorcycle rider should have a whimsical and fun cake that reflected his love of Harley Davidson. The concept began to come together as I sketched out different ideas and color schemes, and came to the conclusion it would be amusing to include a likeness of the groom, which would appeal to his sense of humor, as well as the branded Harley logo.

I particularly enjoyed the challenge of creating this memorable groom’s cake, because it allowed me to utilize my sculpting skills. Executing the fine details of this particular design was especially rewarding, as well as the creative process from concept to completion. I was very pleased with the final product. However, nothing could top the look on the groom's face when we presented his cake to him. I’ll never forget it. The wedding was also memorable, as well as beautiful, and the after party was of course a blast!

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